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How Atlassian builds products with DevOps

DevOps began as a response to the ever-widening silos between IT and development teams. It's now a movement that emphasizes a collaborative culture above all, which speeds up release cycles, frees up room for innovation and improves customer experiences.

Welcome to the "How Atlassian Does DevOps" series. In this section, one of our product managers walks you through how we build products with a DevOps approach. 

New to the series? I recommend watching the introduction first.

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How Atlassian Does DevOps Intro (Part 1)

How Atlassian Builds Infrastructure (Part 3)

How Atlassian Handles Incidents (Part 4)

How Atlassian Does DevOps Q&A (Part 5)

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Sarah Khogyani

Product Marketing Manager, Jira Service Desk

I've been championing IT software for three years and honing an expertise in knowledge management because I'm passionate about helping people effectively use knowledge to be more productive. I graduated from Cal Berkeley and am a California native. Go Bears! Find me on Twitter: @sarahzora


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